Blog In A Box

A quick and easy way of putting WordPress onto a Raspberry Pi

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Step 1

Download & install

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Step 2

Configure WordPress & your Pi

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Step 3

Write to the SD card

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Step 4

Put the SD card in your Pi and boot

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Step 5

🎉 Access your fully-configured WordPress installation!

Ready for blogging, experimenting, or learning.

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Full Development Environment

Contains everything you need to develop with WordPress and Node, including a complete system for interfacing Pi hardware with WordPress. Perfect for developing or learning.

Comes bundled with PHP7, Nginx, and the latest version of WordPress.

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Hardware Support

Blog In A Box helps students and tinkerers to easily collect Raspberry Pi sensor data like photos or temperature and publish it to a great looking WordPress site.

It has built-in support for a Raspberry Pi camera and SenseHAT. Automatically capture photos and environmental readings and have them appear on your blog.

The system is easily extended for other device support and is designed to encourage tinkering.

Open Source

Everything is open source – the WordPress plugin, WordPress theme, and installer.

An Automattic contraption